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Our Story

The Ghrghar Group is a career-driven organization which believes in creating value for its employees, rewarding the best professionals with unwavering loyalty. 

Our partners and customers appreciate our knowledge base and commitment to increasing value because our total commitment and vested interest in the process can be found within our working culture.

The group will continue to pride itself in creating positive change through business activities. Today we are one of the fastest-growing conglomerates in the MENA region. Our mission is to stay true to our values and ethical practices as we aim for the highest standards of professionalism.

What We Value

Our philosophy is based on trust, integrity, dependability, and good governance. We place the highest value on our people, and we will continue making the best market decisions on their behalf. We build lifetime partnerships, and their reliance on us to be dependable is the base of our accomplishments.


The Group’s philanthropy objectives are enshrined within our corporate and family structure, and we will continue to support the most vulnerable in society.

Board & Executive Management


Ismail Ghrghar

"We are grateful for all we have achieved, however, we appreciate that we linger at the precipice of what we can still achieve together."


Omar Ghrghar

Acknowledging divine guidance, our commitment to these colossal initiatives remains unwavering. These initiatives, albeit modestly, have been instrumental in laying the groundwork for growth and progress across all sectors.


Mahmoud Ghrghar

Managing Partner

Malik Ghrghar

Managing Partner

Badr Ghrghar


Ashraf Omar


Ragy Tolba

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